Chris Olsen is a well-known, professional landscape designer and can design you that one of a kind landscape you have always wanted. Chris’s award winning designs have earned him quite a reputation around central Arkansas and he is one of the most sought after landscape designers in the area. Chris is known for his unique use of color and his tendency to become a trend leader. His style is no rules apply; don’t limit yourself and never look typical or ordinary. Chris’s design style is constantly changing to stay ahead of the competition and set the new industry trend. Chris’s designs implement everything from complex European gardens to simple, contemporary and modern gardens. His forte is to often combine the two.


Chris will take an artisan’s approach to constructing custom surroundings that include lush landscaping, calming pools and fountains, detailed arbors, intricate iron gates and natural stone terraces. Beautiful garden elements such as these add functionality and elegance to your garden. Botanica Gardens’ plantscaping crew is capable of handling any size job. From commercial to residential your property is guaranteed to stand out and make all your neighbors and drive-bys jealous.


Chris H. Olsen Landscape Design Samples

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A Gallup Poll of new home buyers and buyers of previously owned homes showed that landscaping can add nearly 15% to the value of a home. Money Magazine reports that landscaping has a recovery value of 100-200%. Such increases should not be surprising, since professionally designed and installed landscaping makes any home more attractive and more livable. With proper care and maintenance, your landscaping will be the highlight of your home and the pride of the neighborhood. A landscape investment today is a growing investment for the future. For more information or to set up your landscape consultation, give Chris a call at (501) 614-3000.


The essence of a good design amounts to a combination of elements. It entails knowledge of horticultural choices, the ability to translate known patterns into planned movement, and the openness to listen to the voice of the landscape and how it speaks to us. Chris believes in these tenets and seek to produce an indoor/outdoor colloquy that results in clarity, economy and elegance. His design ethic utilizes the principles of fine art to work with the environment to create a dynamic garden: a garden as art, that appeals to all the senses with a true sense of place that touches one’s soul. The world is our garden, and it is our responsibility to cherish this world by preserving and enhancing its natural beauty, because we are the future. The foundation of Chris’s design is the utilization of all art forms to create a living picture, preserving and working with the elements of the environment that exist, while creating a space and a sense of place for all people.


As a designer, Chris will integrate your ideas and desires with his artful vision to create an environment that exceeds your expectations while naturally enhancing the beauty of your site. Chris will be there from a project’s inception through implementation to ensure that his high standards are met. Chris is nationally and locally recognized for his experience in guiding small and very large projects to successful realization. Starting with the initial consultation, Chris will perform a comprehensive site analysis to identify existing site characteristics and create an environment that best suits your lifestyle. Based on close collaboration with you, the client, he will begin by addressing features such as sunlight movement, views, adjacent structures, potential drainage issues, utilities and other relevant concerns. Chris will then create a formal landscape plan which illustrates layout ideas and locations for specialty gardens, terraces, arbors, hardscapes, lawn areas, lighting and water features. Comprehensive master plans, detailed drawings, hardscape plans, freehand renderings and other graphical services are all offered to you.

License from the Arkansas State Plant Board for Arkansas Pest Control. Classification 4 and 5. Number LH679B1-243 | Contractors License: 0199600314